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Mystic Pal


Simply enter a person’s birthdate (and exact birth time if known; only for birthdates between 01/01/1905 - 12/31/2121) into Mystic Pal and get Western Zodiac characteristics, Chinese Zodiac characteristics, Birthdate characteristics, and other information including:

Birth Month and Birthdate related information:

  • The person’s current age broken down to years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds, and even milliseconds, as well as the day of the week that the person was born on!
  • Up to 32 personality characteristics common to the person’s specific birth month

Western Zodiac related information:

  • The appropriate Western Zodiac sign for the birth date entered (Aries, Libra, Virgo, etc.)
  • Up to 32 personality characteristics common to the person’s Western Zodiac sign

Chinese Zodiac related information:

  • The animal character which represents the person in Chinese Zodiac astrology for the birth date entered
  • The personality characteristics which drive the person’s animal character represented
  • The one element of the five (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth) Chinese Zodiac elements which overlay characteristics on the person’s animal character represented
  • The appropriate Chinese Zodiac reading based on the subject birth date entered
  • The Chinese Zodiac animal characters with their corresponding birth years, for the several years that surround the subject birth date

    Click on the picture to see a larger, more clear image (opens in new window):

    Mystic Pal

All this information is professionally formatted and ready to print on 1 sheet of letter-size paper...and all for only $5! So what are you waiting for? Buy Mystic Pal NOW!

Mystic Pal is a Microsoft Excel-based program. Microsoft Excel 97 or greater is required to run this program (Excel 2002 or greater is recommended). Microsoft Excel is not included with Mystic Pal.

Mystic Pal is only available from!